Monday, April 25, 2011

boxing happiness

shift's over. i went out of my office building and i can't help but blink my eyes several times as my gaze caught the brilliant sunlight outside. it is morning and we have a happy sun overhead. it is easter sunday now here. i pity my wife that she can't see this wonderful daylight and feel it's invigorating warmth. she's been complaining of the cold of winter where she is now. she thought winter should be over now but spring has somehow been delayed.

well, how i wished i could UPS her a boxful of today's daylight and warmth. i'm pretty sure she'd be very, very glad. she thinks it's been so long since she saw mister sun.

come to think of it, this is probably because we want to box happiness that's why we thought of gift giving.

some may deny it, but i believe, inherent in all of us is this wonderful trait of sharing with others whatever joy or gladness or happiness we are experiencing. we want others to be happy as well we do, to experience the same lightness of heart, the same bounce of the spirit, that we have.

boxing happiness.

we  know this is difficult, yet, we do it. we know boxed happiness will not be lasting, but, we still give it. a momentary joy is better than none. one should never tire of sharing.

still, we must remember. there is lasting happiness. we only need to go back to its source. the Old Sages have pointed the way.  the way is inside each of us. lasting joy will be rediscovered once we remember our True Selves. when we are able to do this, Old Sages have assured that there will be no need for us to box happiness,  because our entire being will automatically radiate Joy.

our smile will bring warmth and daylight to everyone. without any box.

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