Thursday, October 26, 2006

death news

a few nights ago as i read my emails i came upon one that has this news of a high school friend who just died. he was about two years older than me. he was found in his office. dead. just like that. he had no more time to contact his family. death came so swiftly he was not afforded the time to inform his family of his predicament. he was not able to use his office phone, his mobile phone wherein he could have sent a text message, his laptop where he could have scribbled a few short notes on email. none. not any of these communication amenities surrounding him did help.

he was found there sprawled on his chair. probably Death's fatal visit came right in the midst of his intense struggle with his work. maybe he forgot to take his medicine if he was taking any. maybe he got so engrossed in his job at hand that he failed to feel the mounting tension and the uncomfortable effects it has built up deep inside him.

i sure wished that during the last few seconds when his mind is still clear he was able to utter a short prayer or a split-second remembrance of who he really is --- a soul personality that is anchored in the unending, unbending Love of our Creator. i sure wished that his mind did not focus on the material wealth that he has left behind but more so on his love for his family, his friends, the countless folks that ran to seek his help in times of trouble.

yes , i sure wished he focused on love. that power that binds us to our Creator and our fellowmen. now, he has gone to where all of us shall eventually go. may he find the glorious truth that has been promised. may he continue to abide in the hearts of all that he has touched. may he not be forgotten.

i cannot promise that i will remember him always but when memories of him come to mind, they'd surely be fond, happy, positive memories of a person who had tried to make the most out of this life not just for himself but also for others.

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